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Updates: Healthy life style meal plan. 

Hello fabbies, how are you all doing?  so if you are wondering what I’ve being up to….  Wonder no more.  Am still very much on track. So I thought to bring you more healthy meal plan you can include in your program if you are also working at living a more healthy life style. Oh….and… Continue reading Updates: Healthy life style meal plan. 

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Breakfast option 1

Breakfast option: fried egg in butter,  mayonnaise, avocado,  cucumber with a cup of coffee.  Hello fabbies, happy sunday to you all. Hope you’ve all been doing great? So i started this weightloss program in 2015 and seriously it’s not been easy. I see alot of people battling  with their weight through stavation, exercise, choosing a… Continue reading Breakfast option 1


Basic foundations to lay for children

First let’s look at what we mean by basic foundation: this means trainings,  teachings,  believes,  principles and or discipline impacted in children early in life. Why are these foundations important?  These are important because they are the characteristics that mould our children.  They are the principles that help determine what their future would look like. These… Continue reading Basic foundations to lay for children


Coconut oil and it’s benefit

Hello my fab readers….. how is everyone doing? Hmmmmmm for me my entire 2nd week of February was filled with chores. From this to that and when weekend came I thought here comes the time to relax since I won’t be waking up early to prepare my son for school but, I couldn’t imagine how… Continue reading Coconut oil and it’s benefit

DIY Recipe

My simple water yam porridge

Hello everyone…. so it’s just 4 days to Christmas, lots of activities going on. Preparations here and there. Even the atmosphere feels different too. At this part of the world it’s hot, dusty and dry but still loving it because now I can wash and not bother about how long it’s gonna take for my… Continue reading My simple water yam porridge