Coconut oil and it’s benefit

Hello my fab readers….. how is everyone doing? Hmmmmmm for me my entire 2nd week of February was filled with chores. From this to that and when weekend came I thought here comes the time to relax since I won’t be waking up early to prepare my son for school but, I couldn’t imagine how… Continue reading Coconut oil and it’s benefit

DIY Recipe

My simple water yam porridge

Hello everyone…. so it’s just 4 days to Christmas, lots of activities going on. Preparations here and there. Even the atmosphere feels different too. At this part of the world it’s hot, dusty and dry but still loving it because now I can wash and not bother about how long it’s gonna take for my… Continue reading My simple water yam porridge


Macaroni Twixt

Hello my fab readers, it’s another beautiful day(wednesday) and the hustle and bustle begins yet again. My sympathy goes to those that live in cities like Lagos and port harcourt, I can’t imagine what it feels like getting stock in traffic most mornings and evenings. Una dey try o. Anyways; today’s dish is for those… Continue reading Macaroni Twixt


Reducing Calorie intake with Water.

Hello my fab readers…. it’s another interesting week. The year is still fresh and most people if not everyone are doing all they can to keep to their new year resolutions. Like we all know, change is difficult but it’s the one thing that is constant in life. The pursuit for beauty isn’t just about… Continue reading Reducing Calorie intake with Water.

Diary of my DIY mistakes

DIY: My mistake with my bean cake(Akara)

Hello everyone…. today am sharing with you the mistake I made preparing my bean cake (Akara) for breakfast on Saturday. No matter how good you are at something, there’s always a downside to not doing it regularly. I woke up very excited because I had planned all week to serve my DIY bean cake(Akara) with… Continue reading DIY: My mistake with my bean cake(Akara)


All For The Love Of Pan Cake

Flipping my pancake over, my heart melts with joy just like butter does when it’s heated. Am making plans on how to get a good treat from this breakfast choice. Actually, Jayden made the choice. He’s been going on and on about pancake for school in the last three weeks that I finally promised him… Continue reading All For The Love Of Pan Cake