Health, Fashion & Beauty.

Back and Better

Hello fabbies,

So it’s been a while, my blogging seem to have been shelved aside (but not anymore). It’s been from wife and motherly duties to business and others. Sometimes; time just seem to fly and I keep wondering when am gonna get back on track. One thing i’ve learnt is if I keep waiting for time to avail itself before I can do the things that gives me pleasure, it means am gonna wait for a long long time.

Now with this lesson learnt, i’ve decided I aren’t gonna wait for time no more. Everyone of my readers are special to me and nothing is going to keep me away from you.

Secondly, since I changed my blog address, a lot of readers have been asking me what’s going on since the link to most of my blogs aren’t opening. So am going to be re publishing most of the previous post to enable everyone have the new link.

Am going to be bringing you lots of recipes, parenting gist and tips, beauty tips and so much more. So relax and enjoy the ride.

I love you for reading… xoxo


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