The Life Of A Mother

Looking at my time it was already 9:47pm Sunday night, I could not believe it. How could I have gone the whole day without getting even as little as an hours rest??? Gosh!!! How long can this go on?

I had woken up early hours of this morning, well not quite early. I was suppose to be in church but after been awake almost all night taking care of my baby who for some reason would not sleep through the night I found myself waking up at about 8:00am. Obviously attending Sunday service was sure cancelled and so I decided I was going to take the opportunity to rest and get some more sleep. I needed it for the week ahead. So here I am, 9:47pm, no rest, no sleep, tired and feeling completely deprived of all forms of relaxation. Now am wondering; how long can I keep up?

It’s a well known fact that research has shown that everybody needs a minimum of 7-8hours sleep each night to keep and live a healthy lifestyle. So what would you say If I told you I haven’t gotten as much as 4hours sleep in the last year and still counting???

Trust me, there are times when I feel like I can’t go on. There are times when I had broken down but, in all I have to find a way to keep going. That’s the life of a mother. That’s who I am.


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