Coconut oil and it’s benefit

Hello my fab readers….. how is everyone doing? Hmmmmmm for me my entire 2nd week of February was filled with chores. From this to that and when weekend came I thought here comes the time to relax since I won’t be waking up early to prepare my son for school but, I couldn’t imagine how wrong I was. Even the Val’s day (14th Feb) passed me by. Anyway…. they say Love has no special day so I guess I could still catch up.

Today I bring you this beauty regime/recipe. The COCONUT OIL. The beauty regime/recipe has been in use for thousands of years. Coconut oil is also an edible oil and it’s known to help in treating a whole lot of diseases including the recent research which claims that virgin coconut oil normalizes blood sugar levels for diabetes either type 1 or type 2. This research is still ongoing oooo.

Anyways…. today am sharing with you some of the great benefits of adding coconut oil to your beauty regime.

Coconut oil helps:

1) to straighten the hair follicles
2) in controlling dandruff
3) in moisturizing the skin and also softens the skin.
4) smoothings out wrinkles
5) relaxes the muscles
6) healing of wounds
7) protects the body from ultraviolet radiation. Though it’s been a common knowledge that using oils all over the skin before exposing the skin out in the sun tends to darken the skin complexion so I would advice using at night before going to bed.
8) coconut oil is also great for new born skin and head/hair.

The coconut oil can last for up to 6months (shelf life) without going bad.

How to prepare your own coconut oil at home.

Remove your coconut meat from its shell

Wash your coconut meat and grate

Add water to your grated coconut meat and squeeze out your coconut milk

Cover your coconut milk and refrigerate for atleast 3hrs undisturbed. Sometimes if I grate mine late at night I refrigerate all night undisturbed. After which gently bring out your coconut milk and gently scoop the top of your milk. You will find that the water has settled at the bottom of your bowl with your milk a bit thicker at the top. Scoop the top layer into your pot.

Place your pot on the fire and allow your coconut milk to bowl until it starts to dry up.

You start to see your coconut oil as soon as the water starts drying up. You can pour out your oil into a bowl as soon as the oil is clear enough and allow to cool.

Store in an airtight container

Your coconut oil is ready for use.

Over time i’ve realized that the coconut that is not completely ripe(hard) gives more oil and is brighter than the overly ripe coconut.

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments on the comment box below. See you soon with more interesting blogs.


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