DIY Recipe

My simple water yam porridge

Hello everyone…. so it’s just 4 days to Christmas, lots of activities going on. Preparations here and there. Even the atmosphere feels different too. At this part of the world it’s hot, dusty and dry but still loving it because now I can wash and not bother about how long it’s gonna take for my clothes to dry….lol.

Today am sharing with you my simple water yam porridge which is called edikaekwo here in Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. It’s one of the wonderful delicacies enjoyed by the southerners. Though my version of this delicacy is a lot simpler and cheap too. With the hike in prices of goods you can prepare this meal with as little as N500…. hahahaha… N500 is that little .

I forgot to take a picture of my water yam before peeling so I got this unpeeled water yam picture online. Sorry about that. The quantity I bought from the market was like 2 out of the 3 displayed here and it cost me N200

So let’s get started. Things you need to prepare your simple water yam porridge:

* pot for cooking
* knife for cutting and peeling
* grater for grating your water yam.
* bowl for washing your water yam
* a bowl or deep tray to grate your water yam in, whichever works for you
* cooking spoon
* wooden spatula
* stove for cooking obviously… lol


* water yam
* dry fish or goat meat or both. If you are using goat meat, wash, spice it and steam until cooked then set aside.
* grounded pepper
* crayfish
* seasoning
* salt
* palm oil
* onion
* vegetable ( preferably scentleaf)
* periwinkle (optional)


* soak your dry fish in water, when tender wash with salt and remove the bones then set aside
* cut, peel and wash your water yam

* grate your water yam

* after grating, add a pinch of salt and 1 cube of seasoning to your water yam paste and mix thoroughly. Then set aside.

* rinse your cooking pot, add about 2 cup of water and place on fire and allow to boil
* add your dry fish, goat meat (optional) pepper, crayfish, seasoning, salt, onion, periwinkle (optional) palm oil cover and allow to boil for about 3mins

After about 3mins

Then start adding your water yam paste in balls

*Cover and allow to cook for about 10mins. *Keeping checking so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of your pot and ensure you have already boiled water stored in your flask incase you need to add more water.

*Trying lifting your water yam balls from the bottom of your pot using your wooden spatula.
After 10mins taste for salt and other ingredients. Add what you wish to add to your taste then add your vegetable and allow to cook for about 3mins

*stir well with your wooden spatula…. now your simple water yam porridge is ready. Serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Try it out and let’s know how it turned out. See you at my next post.

Thanks for reading…. xoxo.
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