Basic foundations to lay for children

First let’s look at what we mean by basic foundation: this means trainings,  teachings,  believes,  principles and or discipline impacted in children early in life.

Why are these foundations important?  These are important because they are the characteristics that mould our children.  They are the principles that help determine what their future would look like. These principles contribute greatly to the choices our children make in their lives.

Basic foundations include the following:

1) Spirituality: as Christians most parents believe that constantly or consistently taking their children to church and have them participating in church activities are enough to help them develop spiritually but in most cases that’s not true.  Training a child to be conversant with religious activities are great but at the same time they need to be thought the importance of religion(Christianity IE why am I a Christian?) what Christianity signifies,  the indisputable truth about Christianity,  the benefits,  the life of a Christian.  And the list goes on.  When a child from an early age learns these basics he or she would be guided by these taught.

2) Character/attitude: this basic foundation has so much to do with understanding the temperaments/character traits of your child. When you study and understand your child’s temperament,  you can help them develop their strengths and also work to on their weaknesses from an early age.  It’s easier t change personality traits in children rather than when they are mostly grown. 

3) Education: children learn fast.  They watch and retain information which they replay time and time again because their brain is not stressed and coupled with the fact that it’s still in its development stage.  If you get your child to be interested in education early in life they will stick with it especially if you make it fun. Some best ways to make education fun for children is by teaching them with pictures,  colours,  rhythms, etc.  Most of the schools have adopted this system of teaching but as a parent it will go a long if you also show interests in their education. 

4) Morals: this is very different from temperament.  When we say morals,  these are behaviours expected from a person by the society. Why you should do this and you should not do that.  This is where corrections comes in.  There are parents who do not believe in correcting a child, their slogan is…. “he/she will learn when they grow up”. This is very wrong.  Proverbs 22:6 says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old will not depart from it”. 

5) Relationship: this is important for every child.  No man is an island and children should learn this early in life.  Life is a cycle and for us to move from point A-D we need all the help we can get from our family members,  friends,  neighbours and the society at large.  Relationship also trieves on trust, honesty and acceptance. Everyone has a key role to play in our lives either positively or negatively. 

6) Responsibility: every child needs to learn what it means to be responsible.  They should be taught that they are responsible for their actions in life and their there are consequences and reward for every good and bad choice/decision we make. 

Children should also be taught what it means to be responsible for others.  They depend on others for certain things in life and others depend on them likewise. 

Conclusion: The outcome of our children reflects us.  You are judged based on how your child is perceived because of this common phase a snake births a long thing. 

The best time to start instilling this basics in children depends on a child’s development stage.  Some children develop faster than others so it’s important you listen to your child,  watch and study him/her to see the new stage they are in and the abilities they are developing that way you can keep up with them.  

I hope this article helps someone out there.  All the best in your parenting responsibilities and please do not forget to subscribe to my blog and share with your family and friends. 



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