Breakfast option 1

Breakfast option: fried egg in butter,  mayonnaise, avocado,  cucumber with a cup of coffee. 

Hello fabbies, happy sunday to you all. Hope you’ve all been doing great? So i started this weightloss program in 2015 and seriously it’s not been easy. I see alot of people battling  with their weight through stavation, exercise, choosing a healthy meal plan, meal time and so on. I hear coaches say all you need is determination, consistency, this and that and seriously they are all right. Don’t get me started on the weightloss teas, supplement, grains and what have you. I’ve tried them too and most of them work though with conditions but my challenge with all of these are the pricing. Most cost an arm and leg if you know what i mean.

Ok back to the beginning, did I say 2015? OK scratch that, I think it’s 2012 after I had my son Jayden, I skyrocketed from size 12 to 18 within a space of 5months. Did I hear someone say it’s impossible?  Oh it happened for real. You can imagine how I felt, just one child, that means by the time I go through 2 more pregnancies hmmmmmmm. I told myself something had to be done but what? 

I started exercising,  cutting down on my food portion,  stopped eating late most of the time, and in 6months I went from 18″ to 16″ progress right?  OK,  it was time for another baby….  Fast forward to 2015 I started my weight-loss journey again for the second time after going from 16″-20″. #smiles. I joined this weight-loss program which after my first 1 month I could not continue because of how expensive it was.  My weight kept fluctuating. So I decided to search for my self,  the best natural/long term way of loosing weight.  I was tired of the quick fixes and wanted something that could be a life time journey. And guess what,  I did find it.  

Below are some of my findings, click here to read more.

*Eating right(proteins, fat, vitamins etc) 

* Going natural (fruits, veggies, water etc)

* Less carbs 

* Home cooked meals

* Less or no snacking

The above has been working wonders for me because in a space of 3 months I went from 20″-14″ and am still going.  10″ that’s my target.  

Stay tuned as am going to be bringing you more ideas on a healthy meal plan. Bye for now and see you soon. 

Thank you for reading,  don’t forget to post your comments and share with others.  Also subscribe so you can be up to date on my new blogs. Xoxo…… 



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